छांव | Unrequited LOVE

तेरी कमी दिल को इतनी खलने लगी है,
कि अब तो छांव भी धूप सी जलने लगी है ♥♥


  1. Sir/Madam ,

    We hope everything is well at your end.

    We've contacted you as we, EACF are hosting a workshop, Romance Conclave in the first week of August.
    We are here looking for talent to perform at our Workshop.
    It's an ideal platform to show and and get notice to the industry / media and corporate sector .
    We need -
    1.Upcoming Talent
    2. A stand-up comic who can prepare a script.
    3. Experienced persons of the subject.
    4. Other ideas to get involved with the events organised by us.

    Our workshop will be followed by three sessions i.e. Coupling, Love and Bonding. For more information, please contact eshaarya7@gmail.com.

    Do share your contact details with us, so we can take this forward as soon as possible!
    More queries? Feel free to contact us!

    Awaiting a positive revert!

    Esha Arya
    Events art culture festival
    D-49, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

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