It’s Not The End

I wanna be a Bird,
I wanna be Fly,
When I dream of you,
It feels like I’m Flying,
give me some Strength,
give me some Sunshine,
Love is not to Lose,
Leave your sorrow and come to me...
 We will be Fly high and,
We will be dance in the Rain,
Just come to me,
It’s never too late,
Love me or give me some more Pain,
It makes me Strong,
I can see a ray of light,
Which gives me hope,
That It’s not the end,
I want you by my side,
But everything is going wrong,
I lost my wings,
I lost my hope,
I lost my love,
But I have learn what’s Life?
You give me joy as well as sorrow,
You uncover some Truth of life,
Now I’m a bird without wings,
But I wanna be try,
I want to be strong again and,
I wanna be Fly…

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