Be Only Mine

Whenever  I  feel  Alone
You  are  in my  Arms
When  I  sleep
You  are  in  my  Dreams
When  I  wake  up
You  are  my  beautiful  Morning’s  Charm
Whenever  I  try   to  Smile
You   are  in my Hidden Smile
Without   You  I  have  Lost  my  Repose
Whenever  I  listen  my  Heartbeat
I  miss  you  a lot
For  me  you  are  not  a simple  Thought
Some  Dreams  of  my  Life  were  incompleted  without  you.....
 Because  I  couldn’t  Bought
They  are  still on  our Eyelash
They  are  still  in  Fragrance  of  your  Breath
They  are  still  hang  on  Heart’s  Doors
It’s  too  Late
We  can’t  Knock
Can  give  you  me  those unlived  Moments?
Can  you  give  me  my missing  Life?
That  I  couldn’t  Live  before
You  are  my  Life
And  we  need  not  to  keep  this  Distance
Between  us  any  more
You  are  In  my  Eyes
But  they  are  still  Cry
I  am  Incomplete  without  you
Your  are  missing  part of  my  Life
Just  complete  this  loose  end  of  my  Life
And  Be  only  Mine

Written By : MS Mahawar

KEYWORD TAG: Love Poems, Beautiful Love Poems, Romantic Love Poems, Sad Love Poems, Inspirational Love Poems


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