We will meet Tonight !

When I have to go for bed
Not the Reason That I want to sleep
But, I want to meet you in my dreams
Where all around in darkness
There is no custom, Nothing is informal
No Society, No Intrigue
Beyond The Right and Wrong
Only thing that is You and Me
And Our world  of  Love
Only things there is
Our Innocence of Love
Our Thirst of Love
Slow breezes of Emotions
Breathe of  Ours Feelings.....
There is Darkness all around
But at this place
You come around to me
Your Feel make me alive
Your presence in my mind
make me a Pioneer in struggles
Your Touch make me Fly
When Your memories all around to me
I don't just want to sleep
I am there to Feel you
to Hold you, to Hug you
That time I forget the World
Your memories make me Smile
You are Just in my Arms
All the Night
We are talking
We are walking
We are laughing
These moments make me Alive
There Is the Ray of Life
I don't want to leave every Night
Which fill your Absence In my mind
That's is the place Where
I can see you with Open Eyes
At this place I can bring out my emotions
That I have for you
Where I can Reveal my feelings
Let me show Love
Let me give you a Hug
Don't stop me
Just say Hold me
Beyond the Wrong and Right
There is a place
Where I will meet you tonight
You are with me there
It's not a Lie
I love the darkness in Night
Because that is the place
Where you are Only Mine

Written By : MS Mahawar

KEYWORD TAG: Lost Love Poems, Broken Heart poems, Loneliness Poems, Love is Life Poems, Poems On Love & Life


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