I Want to Fly

I want to Become a Bird
I want to Fly
I Don't have Wings
But Like Birds,
I want to Fly
And I wanna Sing
I want to Become a Bird and
You will be my Cutie pie,
We will Love on Air in the open Sky
No Border
No Circumstances,
No Restrictions,
No Fogy Opinions,
Let's come to me
Don't be Shy,
We will make a cocktail of Ours Feelings
We will drink it from Eyes.....
We want to feel Fragrance of Nature
In a Dewy atmosphere,
We want to see a Beautiful Sunrise
Don't think about the World,
They won't allow us to take breathe together
Let them think as they can
We are sometimes Fly in Storms,
They can't break us
We should not be Cry
Not even try,
We need not to Apologise
We are Love Birds !
Let's make a Love Nest,
Let's Fly !

Written By : MS Mahawar

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