O' My Dear Love

Wine is Red,
Red is Wine,
I am so Addict to you,
When I saw you, I forgot myself ,
That Is, Love is blind,
O' my Dear Love
Please come to me,
I Need you and I Need some Sunshine,
Sky is blue, Rainbow in Red,
Rainbow couldn't be made without Red,
A Rainbow without Red, It doesn't fine ,
O' my Dear Love
Come to me.....
You are Only Mine
Breeze is Blowing,
Light is Glowing,
Snow is Melting,
Stars are Blinking,
All the Feelings that I have for you,
Now, Nature is Showing,
You know, you are my Loving,
I am your King,
You are My Queen,
Stay there, I will be coming,
Without you all things are going Bad,
O' my Dear Love
Come to me,
Without you I am very Sad,
Your Eyes are Blue,
Your Lips are Red,
Today, By Seeing your Happiness
I am very Glad,
How can I tell you?
That I want you to be my Mate,
O' my Dear Love
Come to me,
We are Perfect ! 

Written By : MS Mahawar

KEYWORD TAG: Love Poems, English Love Poems, Romantic Poems, Relationship poems


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